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Cut-to-Length Automation

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1. Plastic Bag Making machine:

This is the simplest and most common example of a cut-to-length application. The stepper or servo motor actuated roller feed roller determines the length of the sheet to be fed in the machine. Depending on the size of the cutter, the thickness of the poly and the speeds desired, we decide whether to use a stepper motor or a servo motor of appropriate rating. The relay mechanism cuts the poly. Excellent repeat accuracy is guaranteed.
After doing countless such applications today, (Orion Bag making panels is a well-known brand name in the industry today) we have all the resources, facilities and knowhow to automate such a system for you.

2. Wire Feeding and Forming machines:


This is yet another example of a cut-to-length application. Here, metallic wires of different thicknesses or gauges are fed in the machine. The wire bunch lies next to the feeder, which does not have the support of an Unwinder AC motor. Here too, servo or stepper motor actuates the feeder to feed an accurate length of wire in the machine. Instead of a cutter, cam operated mechanisms bend and twist the wire such that it takes a desirable shape.

3. Roll-to-Sheet Machine

Certain PVC rolls of sufficiently large thickness are imported to make sticker and stripes that are applied on automobiles and such places. Here too, cut-to-length processes find a lot of application. For a given batch, the size and length of the sticker is fixed. Inaccuracies lead to wastage and high cost on part of the company.

Orion make Cut-to-Length control panels have undertaken such jobs and completed it with excellent absolute and repeat accuracy.

4. Wire Cutting and Stripping machine

Similar to above mentioned applications, here a wire has to be cut and stripped in a particular size and length. High speeds are a competitive advantage for the machine manufacturer. Orion-make stepper drives can reach speeds of up to 2500 rpm, with instant start-stop. This gives the machine a competitive edge and large lots of production can be done in a matter of few hours. This reduces the ROI time for the customer. Use of very high quality electronic components, gives a very high reliability to the machine.

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