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Motion Control Products

In the history of motion control and automation, development of stepper motor is certainly a landmark. A stepper motor when connected to a full step drive completes one revolution in 200 steps. In other words each full step is of 1.8 degrees. When the drive is in half step mode, same motor takes 400 steps to complete the revolution. The newer technologies can further divide each 1.8 degree step into finer resolution, commonly up to 51,200 steps/revolution. Since the frequency input to drive controls the speed and number of steps (or pulses) control the position, stepper motor along with a good drive and controller presents a reliable, accurate and economic open loop motion control.

ORION motion control productsare well known for their high performance, cost efficiency and maintenance free operations.
The complete manufacturing facility is in house including PCB designing, Component assembly and Inspection. Orion drives can also be customized as per the specific requirements of clients.

1. Our stepper motor drives are designed as per current chopping techniques and power Efficiency. All our drives work on pure sinusoidal current control technology and support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes.

2. All Orion stepper drives models can be supplied in either “S”, “E”, “C” or “+” variants. "S" means the drive model that takes a DC voltage input. "E" means a stepper drive with built-in rectifier card. This takes an AC input of 230V. "C" means a stepper drive with built-in rectifier card and an oscillator card for speed control. This has a potentiometric speed control facility on the outside.

3. All our stepper drives and controllers are assigned unique serial nos. and are completely traceable. Every product comes along with the Connection diagram and Operation manual.

4. All our products can be customized to suit user’s requirement. Almost every model can be din-rail mounted.

5. Speeds up to 2000 RPM (or even more) possible within specific framework of application. 

Orion Stepper Motor Drives

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Preprogrammed Stepper Drives

Orion Stepper/Servo Motor Controllers
Customised motion control solutions with PC-based software

Application Specific Packaged Solutions
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Please Note :
1. All the motion control products are manufactured and quality-checked at our plant at Ambad, Nashik-422010
2. For customized solutions, we appreciate a e-mailed description of application. Else, please contact us at any of our listed numbers
3. For technical assistance in using any of our product, please refer the product manual supplied with it.

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