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Plastic Bag Making Machine

Stepper/Servo Motor Panel unit for your existing mechanical bag making machine
• Convert your Old Mechanically operated Bag Making Machine into Automatic Stepper / Servo driven Bag Making Machine
• Highly customised Model suitable for all & Any Size, Any Make, Bag making machine
• Suitable for Plain and Printed Bags
• Cheap and reliable alternative for new Automatic Bag making Machine
• Suitable for HM, PP, LDPE, HDPE,HMHDPE,LLDPE & other plastic films
• The Mechanical clutch and brake mechanism of your machinery will be replaced by the Stepper/Servo motion control system which converts your machine into Automatic
• Use of all non-chinese equipments. Extremely long life of the panel.
• For producing your required bags, just to key-in your required bags length to ‘Controlller (Motion control system)’, the machine will be able to make your required bags length automatically without any manual adjustment
• PhotoSensor for Printed Bags, Variable Frequency Drive for Unwinder & Main Motor can be attached
• Increase in accuracy and consistency of the size of Plastic Bags & High production efficiency to save manpower & time
All the accessories can be attached

Systems and Accessories:
1. Bag Making Controller: CTL-H and CTL-HS
2. For non-alpha numeric keypad and reduced I/Os: CTL-L
3. VFDs
4. Unwinder circuit for unwinder, induction motor
5. Imported servo motors / drives with full tuning done on site
6. Orion-make Stepper drives with Stepper motors

Plastic Bag Making Machine
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