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Welding automation


It will not be incorrect to say that welding is a science as well as an art.
There are a number of factors which decide how a job should be executed, for example-
1. Materials to be welded
2. Thickness of the jobs
3. Thermal properties of materials
4. Shape and size
5. Purpose
Accordingly the operator decide which method arc/submerged arc/TIG/MIG should be used. Whether AC or DC should be used. What arc voltage, what current and so on.

Orion Electronics brings in Automation in the above described welding machines in a variety of ways as shown below:

ORION welding automation products help the operator to maintain the desired parameters.
AVC Controller monitors the 0 to 10 V analogue input coming from the welder power supply. This in fact is a measure of the distance between the job and the welding torch. When due to any reason- which could be irregularities in the job- the distance and hence the analogue voltage changes, the controller takes corrective action by giving out pulses and direction signal to the stepper motor drive. Thus the distance between job and torch is maintained at a fixed preset value, and the result is a consistent quality of weld.

COLD WIRE FEEDER controls the speed at which the wire is fed. There are programmable time delays which decide when the feed starts. The feed speed too is programmable. This further improves the weld quality.

OSCILLATOR or WEAVER moves the torch back and forth maintaining the traverse and pitch.
All the above products can be stand alone or part of a larger multi-axis system which can be controlled by a single ORION pendant controller (HMI), as per requirement. This HMI can also handle more axes of motion which may be required in SPM’s.

Apart from these, there are various other requirements where ORION controllers can be extremely useful!

1. For example, there could be long jobs, where continuous welding through the length may not be required. Instead, operator would like to weld for X length and then keep Y length un-welded. This can save time, material and also avoid deformation due to excess heat. We design controllers which have programmable speeds during X portion and Y portion, dwell times, homing facility etc.
2. Another possibility could be like flange to pipe welding. In such case the rotary motion can be controlled by ORION controller.
3. Or it could be welding a number of nuts at various positions on a plate.

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