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Pre-programmed Drives +

Drive+ is not a standard product but a customized solution. Many times a drive if added with an appropriate tailor made control card; provides a functionally perfect and extremely economic solution- just what the integrator needs. If you compare cost of using even a lower end PLC or any other controller, the saving is huge! This can be a stand-alone unit or a function block in a large system. Here are a few examples-

1. Sometimes a stepper is expected to run at a speed proportional to some analog (0-10 V) input. The user has only to specify the speed at 10 V input.
2. In certain application there are two or more sensors inputs, and there is certain logic how the motor behaves with reference to these inputs. It may be slowing down at one sensor, stopping at other or changing direction at the third and so on.
3. On a trigger in some application, the stepper needs to move particular distance (or degree) and stop.
4. It is even possible to go on repeating a particular sequence of motion with specific set of speed, direction, start/stop with dwell time etc.

Write down your requirement and logic and we are there to provide a solution. Only compromise is, you will have limited setting options on DIP switches. There will be no keypad and display.

“Drives +” offered by Orion, are best-in-class and most economical solutions for today’s motion control applications that is almost a plug-and-play unit. Though different control cards can be designed for different user requirements, a control card is a micro-controller based board that offers the following features:

1. Control card, housed along with the stepper drive
2. No display, keypad thus making it economical
3. RS-232/RS-485 connectivity
4. Clock/Direction signals for stepper drive
5. 2 to 10 digital inputs
6. 1 or 2 relay outputs
7. Limited, but specific hardware for increased functionality on DIP switches (for speeds, positions and operation mode)
8. Start/Stop signals can be either external/internal


Some successful applications executed by using our “Drives+” models:

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